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Hi, I’m Steve Ball, welcome to McKinnell Photography.

I am a landscape photographer based in the North West of England ideally located between three of the UK’s National Parks, the Lake District, the Peak District and Snowdonia. Born and brought up in industrial Lancashire with a strong Scottish heritage, my interest in the landscape began at a very early age, particularly in the mountains. My love of the outdoors has grown through the years as a hill walker and fell runner, and ultimately as a landscape photographer. Having started to collect images of the landscape on a small compact camera I soon realised that I wanted to do more than just record a memory, I wanted to capture the mood, energy and spirit of each moment in the mountains, by the sea, or in ancient woodland. I quickly realised there was much more to be done than just pressing a shutter button. Composition and light became the focus of my attention.

My passion for landscape photography has taken me to places that I may never have visited, as well as taking me back to familiar haunts which I now see with a different perspective. My emotional connection with the landscape has grown significantly in recent times bringing with it a greater appreciation of the land, wildlife, and nature in general. Watching the break of day, the last remnants of evening light, or bursts of light in a woodland is a true privilege and makes me realise just how fortunate I have been to experience our wonderful landscape over many years. As every landscape photographer knows, you rarely get the conditions you hope for, and therefore often return home without that quality image. In those circumstances my disappointment is always tempered by the knowledge that I have still had a great experience in the outdoors, and by the fact that there will always be another opportunity.


My aim is to create images that illustrate my love of these wonderful places, and which tell my story of what I see, and equally important, of what I feel. My philosophy is to take photographs which first and foremost I like; other people's approval and enjoyment are a welcome bonus. Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy the images in my gallery and take some inspiration from your own interpretation of each photograph. The majority of my images are available as prints should you be interested.